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Much like the teams on the diamond, the field, the court, the ice or the pitch, team owners, advertisers and media need highly reliable data presented in the appropriate context to better understand local consumers and sports fans, market to them and develop strong connections. 

Local Sports Insights helps teams create any type of playbook of data and insightful strategies to score big wins with fans, advertisers and media.


Partnering with local businesses to become official sponsors is a primary goal of all local professionals sports teams. Team management must share data and insights with potential and current sponsors the team’s fans and ticket buyers shop at those sponsors’ businesses.

Show Potential Sponsors Your Fans Are Their Customers


Many local businesses and advertisers and their marketing consultants and ad agencies also want to target and engage with sports fans. They are known to be active consumers, participating in sports themselves, spending on team apparel and events and attracted to businesses who support local teams.

Improve Ad Targeting of Fans

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Create Promotions That Match Your Fans' Interests

Promotions are a vital driver of fan and consumer engagement for every sports team, but promotions generate maximum value when they connect with fans' interests. Whether it's physical activities, entertainment and media choices or shopping behaviors teams have many opportunities to create promotions that resonate with fans and attract more of them to sports venues and other events.


Discover the Best Digital Channels to Connect with Fans

As more sports content is consumed on digital channels and via digital devices, it’s critical for everyone involved in the local sports scene to access the data that reveals where fans can be found in the metaverse.

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Team management certainly wants complete and in-depth profiles of their general fans and those who attend games, but it can also be valuable to know what other local teams they follow. With those insights, teams can develop marketing strategies to solidify their position in the minds of their fans as well as partnering with those teams for cross-promotional opportunities. 

Identify Local Fans Who Follow Multiple Teams


Approximately half of US states permit either legal retail and/or legal online sports betting. Another 10 or more have pending legislation or sports betting could become legal during 2022. Identifying who bets on sports, the sports and teams on which they like to wager and their bettering behaviors can reveal new channels in which to engage with these fans.

Gain Valuable Insights About Sports Fans’ Betting Habits

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