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Beat the Odds with Winning Marketing Data

It was never a secret sports fans were betting on games and the myriad of statistics generated by every game and player. Now that 30 states and Washington, DC have live, legal sports betting, sports teams, media and the gaming industry have been presented with an enormous opportunity to profit from this new revenue stream.

  • $886 million spent on sports betting during Q3 2021, a 270.4% increase compared to Q3 2019 and a 153.1% increase from Q3 2020 (American Gaming Association)

  • $175.7 million in national TV ad spending for the September–December 2021 period compared to $60.3 million for the equivalent 2020 period.

To maximize that opportunity, all the business players in the sports betting arena need extensive and in-depth data. Local Sports Insights

is that accurate source, providing all-important context and revealing actionable insights to target the betting audience accurately.

  • Who are the consumers betting on sports?

  • How do they place their bets?

  • Do they use a mobile app?

  • On what sports are they betting?

  • Do they limit their betting to certain sports events?

Correlating Local Sports Insights’ profile of sports bettors with their consumer spending and media habits is a winning bet for retailers and other businesses that want access to this special sports audience.


Sports Bettor Profile 2021

  • 81.9% of all adults 18+ are men.

  • 46.8% of men are 25–44.

  • 33.8% of men are 50–64. 

  • 43.0% of men's income is 35K–$75K. 

  • 36.7% of men's income is $75–$150K.

  • 23.0% plan to buy a new vehicle.

  • 38.1% prefer Lager beer.


Sports Bettor Profile 2021

  • 70.9% are men and 29.1% are women.

  • 74.7% of women are 25–34.

  • 66% of Asian American women are more likely to bet on sports than the market average of all women.

  • 20.1% of women have incomes less than $15K.

  • 54.8% are working women.

  • 31.2% purchased women’s clothing at a local store.


Sports Bettor Profile 2021

  • 63.1% of men are 25–49.

  • 173% of Latinx American men are more likely to bet on sports than the market average of all men.

  • 65% of men have incomes $100K or more.

  • 36.7% of women's households have an active member of the military.

  • 29.4% of men are fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

  • 51% of men 18+ are more likely to be heavily exposed (180+ minutes during an average day) to video streaming than the market average of all men.

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