Radio Is Advertisers’ Clean Run to Snowsports Enthusiasts


Oct 14, 2021

The National Ski Areas Association reports the 59 million skier visits during the 2020–21 season were the fifth-best ever and representing a remarkable reversal from the disastrous 2019–20 season. All indications are the 2021–22 season may be just as big – and radio is a major entertainment and information medium for snowsports enthusiasts.


According to data from five representative 2021 consumer/market surveys from Local Sports Insights, approximately 60% or more of adults 18+ who participated in snow skiing/boarding during the past 12 months listened to one or more hours of radio daily. 


Snowsports primarily attract younger adults, typically 60%, 70% or more of all adults 18+; however, in some markets there are significant pockets of snowsports enthusiasts 50 to 64 years of age. Even in Houston, hundreds of miles from the nearest ski areas, many younger adults who ski and/or snowboard are avid radio listeners.


“Our data also supports the consensus that most snowsports participants have above-average incomes and not only spend considerable amounts for equipment, but also for travel and accommodations when visiting the slopes,” said Tony Ott, Vice President/General Manager, Local Sports Insights. “Despite the well-excepted correlation between higher incomes and snowsports, many of our consumer/market surveys also reveal a substantial percentage of adults with incomes less than $35,000 and less than $25,000 participated in snow skiing/boarding during the past 12 months.”


Analysis of an additional set of data finds large percentages of adults 18+ with children at home and who are snowsports enthusiasts listen to one or more hours of radio daily. Those households with children older than 6 (6–12 and 13–17) tend to have the largest percentages of daily radio listeners.


Snowsports is definitely a family activity and one that includes radio for these on-the-go families. Because of these correlations, advertisers in many retail sectors can benefit by targeting these families – to promote the complete array of household products and services as well as clothing and other expenditures of disposal income.

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Radio Is Advertisers’ Clean Run to Snowsports Enthusiasts

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