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NFL Set To Launch $5 Monthly Streaming Services in July: Report


By Jon Lafayette

The National Football League plans to launch its own streaming service in July, according to a report from the NFL owner meeting by Sports Business Journal.

NFL Plus will feature live games on mobile phones and tablets and is expected cost about $5 monthly. The games would be the same game fans can see on TV in their local markets.

The service would replace the games that were available via Yahoo and other mobile carriers. Those deals have expired.

NFL Plus would have other content, possibly including radio, podcasts and team-created content, SBJ said. Having its own direct-to-consumer streaming service would give the league more data on its fans.

The service is separate from Sunday Ticket, the out-of-market service that has been with DirecTV for years, but is now most likely heading to either Amazon or Apple.

Amazon and Apple are also in talks to acquire a stake in NFL Media, which includes the NFL Network.

NFL Plus could be folded into NFL Media, the report said.

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