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Apple reportedly a front-runner for $2+ billion NFL Sunday Ticket rights


By Mac Daily News

Apple reportedly a front-runner for $2+ billion NFL Sunday Ticket rights

It appears likely that Sunday Ticket will move exclusively to a streaming service in 2023, as Apple and Amazon are described as the front-runners to get the NFL’s out-of-market package, Sports Business Journal reports citing “several sources.”

John Ourand for Sports Business Journal: Apple’s presence as an interested buyer is particularly intriguing, since it has yet to cut a significant deal for live sports rights — though it is likely to land a package of midweek games from Major League Baseball.

What makes Apple interesting to the NFL is the fact that, unlike Amazon and Disney, it does not already have a deal with the NFL.

Of note: Apple has been looking for a senior editorial manager of live sports that, according to online postings, would oversee “how some of the most exciting stories in live television are told on our platform.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple, which already has more money than they know what to do with should definitely shell out for some live sports on Apple TV+! It’d be a genius idea, if we don’t say so ourselves:

Perhaps Cook should consider bidding for and winning NFL Sunday Ticket away from Direct TV, buying rights to Premiere League and La Liga games, etc. and making them Apple TV exclusives. Go directly to the sports leagues with boatloads of cash. — MacDailyNews, May 6, 2014

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