Using large sample sizes, surveys are conducted online with blended opt-in panels of adults 18+.  Major effort is made to get representative samples of all major age, gender demos and ethnic groups. The data is balanced and weighted to the US Census to reflect the population. The close representation of the sample to the proportionate make up of each market minimizes the weighting of the data.


Surveys are conducted semi-annually in the top 45 media markets, and annually in more than 40  other markets. The semi-annual surveys facilitate trending of the fans of the various sports and teams.


Samples range from 600 in-tab sample annually  in the smaller markets to 4,000+ in the largest markets. The survey geography includes both the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) as well as the larger GMA (Greater Metropolitan Area).


Local Sports Insights applies high standards in its data collection. All respondents have to answer all questions. There is no modeling of the data.  In other words… real responses from real respondents.  This results in high reliability and thus credibility in the data.


A reflection of the quality of the research can be seen when one compares the strong representation of adults who are ‘cell phone only’ i.e. they no longer have landlines.  Traditionally “cell phone only” respondents have been tough to reach with such  traditional methodologies as telephone interviews.   Local Sports Insights ‘cell phone only’ representation ranges from 40 to 55% of  respondents. This is important in view of the active lifestyles of the sports fan.